Wednesday, March 31, 2010

can I cry?

when I meet with sunsaengnim, he always asked "why you love to cry?"

I just want to cry but I don't want to show it. I want to laugh but I want everybody to feel it. I miss my own identity. I'm not Han anymore. Han is different. She loves to laugh, love to smile. Love to play around, but now, she's stuck.

I'm not Han. I'm not Han. I want to be like HAN again, can? Is it true I'm not Han anymore? CONFUSED. I used to smile and laugh, I used to be a brave girl, but problems make me like a DUMB person.




Wawa said...

but han.. it's not just you. It's because we are all changing to adults we feel lost. We can't control what we are for the moment. We want to be this and that. Don't worry Han, cheer up. One of these days, we'll find ourselves again! ^^

han eba said...

It's not because I'm changing,maybe. this is all because of problems that I don't know how to solve.

Wawa said...

then I hope you do well solving them my friend. ;)

han eba said...

I can't. thats why I cry :(

ohmysupergirl said...

chill han (: life's always like that. tu lah dugaan yg AKAN semua manusia lalui.

han eba said...

faaa: yeah I know but semuanya datang dari satu punca. ITU SAHAJA