Saturday, April 3, 2010

hyukjae, it's your birthday

call from Seoul...

DH: han sayang, today is eunhyuk's birthday!
Han: chongmal?
DH: yeah!
Han: so?
DH: wish him through your blog. twitter too!
Han; oh, okaay okaay ^^
DH: I love you
Han: I love you too.
DH:need to practice. bye :D
HaN: bye ♥

thank you to my sayang, Donghae. HAHA.

happy birthday to eunhyuk oppa. may God bless you, always. stay healthy! YEAY*
remember me, soon I'm going to be your BFF's wife. I mean DH's wife ;D
saeng il chooka hamnida ^^

please leave your comment for Eunhyuk ;D

han eba


sakuranchOvy said...

happy brthday oppa~!!
lain kali kte clebrate ssme oke =^_^=
hehhehehe =DDD

han eba said...

hahahahaha, ade jugak orang wish ;D