Thursday, April 1, 2010

why must April?

why must April ? why must April ? WAE WAE ? why must APRIL FOOL ? why not, MARCH FOOL or maybe AUGUST FOOL ?


new month, lets start it with some good news;not bad news. you want to share how was it? FIRST DAY of APRIL,how was it? A BAD DAY? A LOVELY DAY? no APRIL FOOL,for me :)

can you find Han? GOING TO. can you see her smile? NO. can you see her tears? YES. can you see her? NO.

please bring Donghae to me, PLEASE. I'm having some problems. Only DH know. please,please,please.This is what we call as GILA BAYANG.


DH: you can do it Han. you can drive.I believe in you.* :D
Han: no, I can't. I want to cry.* T.T
DH: you can lean on my shoulder and cry but please, don't stop until here. you can do it. *-*
Han: can you do it for me? *pootak hamneeda :(
DH: Han sayang, if you want that thing, you must do it by yourself. you already pay, then you want to stop JUST LIKE THAT? PRESS THE RESET button in your mind about all this ridiculous thing. -.-'
Han: I can't. >,<'
DH: remember, WHAT IF I come to malaysia again? you need to pick me up! :)
Han: please don't force me like a MONSTER! What I need now is you. IT'S YOU. ;(
DH: WHY I LIKE YOU? I dont understand. You must be a brave girl. I'm here for you. ♥
Han: LET'S NOT talk about this thing anymore. D;
DH: Han, for me, you are my SHINING STAR.I LOVE YOU MORE than others. I just want the best for you.

Han: I know, but can I lean on your shoulder first?
DH: yeah, lean and cry, tell me everything. I'll stand by your side, always.
Han: thank you.I love you.
DH: SORRY SORRY for everything.
Han: HAPPY TOGETHER,forever. Yakseok?
DH: yes.

han eba

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