Thursday, April 8, 2010

you nak rapat dengan I?

DH: han, I just made twitter account!
Han: oh really? Wahh, so sudden. Why?
DH: I want to know you more. be with you in Twitter.
Han: ahhh, chongmal?
DH: hehe, after this, I'll know everything about you ;D
Han: me too, I wanna follow you but please don't follow me.
DH: why?
Han: people will know our relation.
DH: okaaay. sayang ;D
Han: ahh, oppa ;D

ni betul betul, yess betul betul ;D click here. HANSAYANG

sumber: MYRA;

han eba

p/s: dia nak rpat dengan I guna twitter? OH PLEASE SAYANG, I DO.


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han eba said...

hehehe.dah dah la tu spam