Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lee Donghae yang comel dan lurus.

Thanks to Shinyi ssi kerana menghantarkan kisah yang lucu(HAHAHA) ini kepada saya. Lihatlah betapa blurr nya Lee Donghae. Eh tak, betapa lurusnya dia dalam cuba menjadi romantik. ^^ COMEL

[100406] Donghae who swears to be successful.

(Guest DJ Donghae, sits at the side without speaking, even guest Hong Kyungmin can’t stand his silence, and asked him about blind dates, just to make him speak)

Donghae: I’ve never tried blind dating, but if I have a girl who I like, I will definitely create many surprises.

Eunhyuk: What, you want to surprise her when you meet her for the first time?

Donghae: If I really really like her. I’ve never went for a blind date, so I don’t know how it feels.

Kyungmin: What surprise are you going to plan for her?

Donghae: Really, I even swear to do it one day. Nowadays, I keep on composing songs. However, when time permits, I would like to drive my girlfriend to the riverside, and start off with some romantic expressions, then turn on the lights and open the four doors. Then, I will get the lights and microphone out from the trunk, turn on the music, dance, and confess to her…… Not those kind of powerful dance, but those gentle, sexy ones.

Kyungmin: So you bought a car? Which kind?
Donghae: Car… car… We together…
Eunhyuk: The percentage of success for the surprise…… Are you sure it will work?

Donghae: The image in my mind is very beautiful, except it sounds funny when describing.

Kyungmin: If you want to dance, the music in the car must be very loud, since your girlfriend is in the car…… Will she go deaf? If your girlfriend has a driving license, that’s bad, she will definitely drive the car off.

Donghae: Aish…… I need to think of other surprises.

[100406] Super infatuated guy Lee Donghae.

Donghae: When I had my girlfriend, I thought we would get married. However, we broke up after 27 days and I hid in my room for almost one and a half month, writing two years worth of letters and also took a picture of a cake for the video footage of three years.

Eunhyuk: Your first girlfriend?
Donghae: Yea, I watched too many movies, and isn’t there a saying that if you take three videos within a span of three years, your lover who left you will come back? So I bought a cake to take a video with for three years, and wrote two years of letters. Such a big incident, hyungs all said I was useless.

Eunhyuk: You had unrequited love?
Donghae: No. After we got together for awhile, we broke up. I believed that she will come back.
Eunhyuk: Aish, such a heartbreaking story.
Donghae: I didn’t step out of my room for more than a month, my hyungs thought I was dead.
Eunhyuk: So what do you think now? About getting into a relationship and both of you will get married.
Donghae: Now, I think that when two people get into a relationship, the longer the relationship is, the better. What’s important is to understand each other.
Eunhyuk: That’s right, Donghae, you are such a romantist.
Donghae: Yea, I will be very infatuated.

credit 2 :[Kim Seohye’s] CYTranslation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

HAN SAID: HAHAHAHAHA, SEXY DANCE? I don't like. Change it to Don't Don! HAHA. My Hae is such a cute and a blurr guy. what's the point of waiting for your ex to comeback? HAHAHA. I'm totally jealous with his first love. ^^


sakuranchOvy said...

yeahh~ hyukjae also have 1st love +.+ rugi btl tgglkn org mcm hyuk.
tp, bgslahh, myb his ex grlfriend knew dat i love his hyuk n bg chances kt kte. aknku gnekn pluang ini sbaik mngkin * gagaga =DDD

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