Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was touched by Miracle song by Shupeo Junieo. Rearranged one. HAHA. I don't know why. Oh, life couldn't get better? HEY!

selamat hari pekerja. HAHAHA. sengal je. happy May people. So excited? HAHA. Now, I'm watching God of Study episode 11. Soon, 12,13,14,15 lastly 16. I must watch it. HAHA. Well, really can't wait for graduation day and their plan. I mean, classmates' plan. kata nak pergi neoraebang. I don't know. Still not clear. HAHA. neoraebang? *LARI*

apa apa pun, selamat bergembira wahai semua rakan rakan. bulan 5 ni permulaan untuk semua. bulan 5 memang busy. people, have a good day okay. remember me, I'm Han. even you're far away from me,I'll still remember you because you are my friend. do your best dudes and babes. forget about the past and just yolshimhae for your future.

I do feel awkward but what we have to do is just smile. believe in ourselves. new environment, not bad too.just study and get 4.00 . HAHA,this is what we call ;the way to make people proud of you. HAHAHA. yes, I only got 6A's for my SPM and just because of that, they thought that I'm not a good student and I don't have a bright future? Neo jugo shipo? AISH. SEE, I'M MAFIA'S WIFE. (refer to Kim Joon;SongWooBin,BOF)

new life is going to start. tell me, dapat U mana cek kak oiii! HAHA.

I'm a good student too. I wanna be one of them. Himnaeyo Han ssi. ;D



cik hani zain said...

xkn lpa han pnya~
mga kta sma2 dpt pljr cmrlng kt u n mtrik nnti =)

sakuranchOvy said...

oOouhh oOuuhh
kmi xkn mlupakan anda ebaku kun kun =]
mut'ah taufiq 4 ur future.
go gOo fightO oOo ! =D

han eba said...

hani: kamsahaeyo ;D hani berusaha yeah ;D

sakura;ne ne ne. GO!