Saturday, May 8, 2010

my first love

woo woo woo, I'm crying! Can't hold it anymore. Why I want to watch this movie again?! Blame SEOULFM sebab diorang yang pasang lagu Insa by Jaejoong. Of course la reminds me of A Millionaire's First Love yang dilakonkan oleh my korean first love, Hyun Bin.Untuk pengetahun semua yang tak tahu pasal Han, sebenarnya my first love bukan Donghae semata mata, tapi Hyun Bin. HAHA, disebabkan dia dah bercouple dengan Hye Kyo (dah break ke?), jadi saya memilih Donghae yang mencintai saya sepenuh jiwa raganya. *perasan* HAHA

This story, OH MY , sangatlah sedih and you will cry and cry like me. Oh man, why I watch it? Aigoo. I did cry. Oh, what should I do? Your childhood friend didn't recognize you but after he loves you, you have to go, meet God? you want to be with him, but you know, you'll leave him soon.You want to be happy with him but you know you'll hurt him soon. You're ready to meet God, but he suddenly show up. Are you still want to meet God that time?

Please say you love them(parents,friends and etc) before it's too late. Friendship and Love are more valuable compare to money. Even they said that money is everything nowadays, but money still can't buy oxygen. Money can buy people, but not a true friendship.


Even that time when the wind stays
Its not enough for me.
I smile one more time and give my final greeting:
I love you.

I am tired now and love hurts

But even if that time is just a memory
I have to give my final greeting.
I love you, I love you.

Fly away Fly away LOVE

Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE

In the afterlife I will greet my love again



cik hani zain said...

hani lum prnh lg tgk film ni..
nk tgk gak la~ =)

han eba said...

huhu, must watch la hani ;(