Sunday, June 20, 2010

because I miss you :)

because I miss you, Darlings.

yes, because I miss them. Just now, I've called them. I did.I'm so excited to know their life. YES, I am. I don't know if they're excited to know about my life, but I am. So, I called Shinyi first. I'm so excited about Eunhyuk's new photo, the cute one. So, I called her first. I also got chance to talk with Hazirah, my another best friend. For your information, 4 of them, I mean my bffs are now in KEDAH. yes, and 3 of them is studying at the same place. can you imagine thaaat? OMG, I can because this is so true and the one and only one that live in her own state is me!I am so Selangorian. Then, I called Shinryu. She's babbling about her works, her dance practice. Like I did,babbling about my homework. HAHAHA.The 3rd person is Kim Yana. Yes, the nearest one, no so near la. Er, KMNS is faaaaaaaaar too actually. YES, FAAAR. then, I asked her about her new life and she did mention about meeting some old friends,like I did too.

I didn't call Hazye because she did call me last time. WELL, I miss her too but I have to control myself not to miss her more and more like Donghae miss me. HAHAHA. yes, because I met her about 1 week ago so, I don't wanna be sad again as last time she left me. WOOWOO T.T

Chingu ya~ ALL THE BEST :) be a good student, must study hard. OKAY :D



sakuranchOvy said...

wahhOo~ shasha ade dance prctice ? suke la die. die kn ske mnri ^.^

sabar sabar dan sabar * ++
jOm kte jd pnyabar rramai =DD

han eba said...