Friday, June 18, 2010

I just love it

I know this guy loves kids. And I know I love this guy.

hello everybody :)
whaaat a tiring day. AIGOO, better sleep early but when thinking about the upcoming super exam, I was like, you have to stay up,Han ssi. LOL, I'm stressed. well, I am an alien, it's true. I know, no one will believe me, but this is sooo truee like you never can imagine how alien I am! How weird I am. HAHA. I just love it, that's all.

My homeroom teacher told me that I look like a girl who live in her own world, and yes I am. Han and Donghae's World. Because in that world, I don't have to cry because of someone who always try to make me sad everyday. YES THAT GIRL. I don't want to tell you who is she but I know, she's good in everything and if I said that I'm good in something, she will told me that she's good in that thing too, so I'm a loser.

LOL, back to the topic, if people saw me, they will asked me "are you from physical science?". And with smile answered their question "I'm a life science student. everyday I carried a very big bag pack,". HAHA, because I know, my face look like a physical sc student, but I'm not okay. I have to be a life science student with no life, this is truee. AND MY LIFE IS FULL WITH DONGHAE :) Always listen to In My Dream by Super Junior before I sleep, that's my new habit. LOL, I'm changing, changing and changing. Because I'm weird. HAHAHA. And some of my classmates called me mama because I told them I love children and I wannabe a housewife one day, because Donghae loves children and me too. HAHAHA. so, they agreed to call Donghae as their father, PAPA :) haha, since when Donghae is my husband? HAHA.

being a person who did attend Korean class is nothing there because they always keep on thinking that I only knows basic things. YES I AM, I AGREE. but I never told them, that I also know some complex things. HAHA, so just let it be. HAHAH.UPS is so coming and I'm still lost in Biology. I should come back from Donghae's world to the reality for a while. YES.

okay, I am a bad person because I'm a loser, can I say that? hahaha :)



sakuranchOvy said...

NO ! u can't said that
u're NOT bad person n u're NOT a loser.
who is she ?
i want 2 silat her. AHHAHA =DD
she is good in evrthing ?
tp msti ade 1 yg die x tau. msti die xpndai silat. gile bngga~ HAHAHA =DDD

yeahh, u're sc student + life with d fullest sis =]

han eba said...

puji diri sendiri pulaaaaaaaaaak