Saturday, June 19, 2010

monkey eunhyuk

I hope, Shinyi will smile when she saw this photo :) Because, this is Eunhyuk, Monkey d Luffy. So cute :) suits him :) HAHAHA. well, I just want to post this, that's all. HAHA. and below is Eunhyuk's latest picture,he tweeted it. can you see, same pose? HAHA :))

I'm hoping that Super Junior is always 13+2. I hope, I can see Hankyung and Kangin plus Kibum. Because, i want them to be together. I'm ELF and I believe :)

And, I almost cry when I saw Yesung singing. AWWW. and Kyuhyun's voice is weird. maybe he's not fully recovered yet. never mind.



sakuranchOvy said...

mne blh tiru gya hyuukkk~~!!
jeles2 * ++
thanks =DD i'm really happy 2 see hyuk's face n u tOo. haha ^.^

han eba said...

mana ada kite tiru. dia tiru kitaaaaaaaaaaa laaaa.