Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's not mine, yet

today, went to SACC Mall with Kim Yana ssi. what else? of course shopping. she bought shoes,twilight,and treat me pizza. kamsahamneeda :)) and also she bought some cakes,to bring home. actually she wants to buy MP3 because there's PC Fair at Plaza Alam Sentral, but she decided no to at last, aigoo.


me? I bought headphone for my lil bro, I bought earphone for me, HAHAHA. Then, I bought a novel. well, teenagers' novel. I should read something like Twilight, Eclipse, or maybe PS I Love You, but what I bought is not really suits me. But for me, it's okaay :) HAHA. Then, I bought this thing, it's like uno stacko but it's not. I don't even know it's name,HAHA. this is it.

this is my earphone :)) blue :))

this is for my lil bro :)) I have one, but I bought it a few months ago.

blue;donghae :) HAHAHAHA

ouhh :))

collection :)
actually, I saw Super Junior's 4th album, I wanna buy it but I'm afraid my parents will know that I'm using their money to buy. then, I asked them, and they agreed. But at last, I didn't buy it because I think, there's still a lot of time, so be patient Han ssi. And also, I wanna buy coffee prince, but be patient Han ssi :) So, I didn't buy it.

Now, say hello to my new room, err, new color :) HAHA. before this, it's Blue, now It's yellow. changed color from ELF to Primadonna but I'm still PrimaELF :) haha :) and from Donghae(blue) to wooyoung(yellow)

oh before ending it, kamsa again Kim Yana ssi :))



airayaya said...

ahh.. okay. banyak gler persamaan dlm entri ni.

1. me also went to SACC today
2. tower up pun i ada =.=
3. ur bro's headphone same with mine, cuma mine wane hitam-pink
4. your collection of "my...." novel. yih! :D


han eba said...

wooooow, memang kite ditakdirkan berkenalan :) mine is blue-black.


kimyana said...

lpas ni ko blanja aku lak..haha

han eba said...


sakuranchOvy said...

cehh~ dr awl thn nk mkn pizza smpi skrg x dpt2
duhh , jlesnyee tgk korg mkn +.+
uiyyOo, rjin cat blik. kau ke yg cat ?* gagaga =p =DD
headphone adik kau sme dgn kte pnye, htm+putih ^.^

han eba said...

dia punya kelabu hitam laaa. AGHAHAHA

ouh,rumah den tgh renovate, alang alang cat :))