Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's really their time AGAIN


yeoreobun, an nyeong haseyo :) yaaaah, it's been a very superduperruper long time,I didn't update this blog.BUSY. but, I'm free now, for a while. FOR A WHILE.

well, of course, the first thing to Google up is Super Junior. A lot of new stories. A lot. And again, A LOT. of course about their repackaged album, about their upcoming Super Show, WOW SUPER SHOW. It's in March again, 26th. But I don't think I'm going. I want to but, I don't know. T.T well, in April, there's a final exam, so, so...I don't think my parents allow me to go.But, I wanna go with my Lily. Of course she's going, YEAH.I love their new song, No Other. I can feel something from that song; sweet and happiness. YES, especially when I heard Kyu's voice. OH MY. and my favorite part in that MV is the part where Yesung and that girl met. Yes, that cute part with balloons. GOSH.

my comment about that mv;

  1. eeteuk; mature and cute
  2. heechul;like always, girly :)
  3. donghae; i hate his outfit. errgh, but still good.
  4. eunhyuk; I hate your have abs, but I dnt want you to show it. :)
  5. siwon; well, like always, charming. but for me, like always. like always.
  6. ryeo; looks so cute. OH MY.
  7. sungmin aaah ; so adorable. cute :)
  8. shindong; you are cute, cute.
  9. yesung; man! HAHA. so sweet and so MAN. haha
  10. and the superkyuties, kyuhyun is sooo sweet and romatic :) GYAAH.
and about my Donghae with Sunye, yes I'm DEAD AT HEART when I knew about it. Because I can't believe it. Oh my, do I have to leave Donghae, like what I did towards my Hyun Bin? OH MAN.I think, that two gays; WEE and TENG, will cry too if Sunye and Donghae are serious about relationship, THEIR relationship.HAHAHA. well, Sunye is my favorite member of Wondergirls and I am so jealous with her sometimes. She's hot and pretty. Can I be Sunye, ahh, HEARTBREAK :( lol, like I care, okaaaay I did. T.T haha. but now, I'm okay. let donghae choose. at least she's better than J.*ehem ehem*

and about Donghae agaion, he's cute. HAHA. woooo, I watched the video. Donghae is sleeping and Alice unni come and wake him up. LOL, so cute. The way he answered her. LOL, MELTING. and in my practicum( class), I'm married to Donghae and I have 5 children. They are, Namhae &Seohae (with Donghae) and Su, Aini and Izni(my classmates; live with me) . LOL, so weird right. HAHA. I'm crazy, I'm obsessed, NOO, I'M NOT. okay.

The conversation went a little like this: A: Donghae...Donghae...Wake up...Wake up for a second. D: Why? A: Nuna has a serious question. D: Yeah A: What are you doing this Saturday afternoon? D: Saturday? A: Yeah D: What do I have? Do I have something? A: I don't know. How am I supposed to know? D: I'll probably have practice or some scheduled thing. A: Oh, I see. You probably have Music Core. D: Yeah, I think so. A: Oh D: (mumbles something) A: What? Radio? What? D: Look over there. Over there. A: What? Over there? WHAT IS THAT? Then the message at the end, on a piece of paper, says, "Raspberry Field First Single Being Sold!!"

AND about Park Yongha, I was like, OMG. He's so talented but what happen? That's sooo insane. I can't believe, RIP Yongha :(

And btw, about Lucifer, I hate Onew's new hair. But I like Taemin's. HAHA.



hazye said...

bile tarikh ss3 kt kl??

han eba said...

26 march :)