Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've been talking about Gay,lately

I'm sure, this virus come from Danial, my friend. Well, in my practicum, we do create a family tree. we created a family. a DISASTER family. I'm Danial's ex-wife in our DISASTER family. well, then when I left him, he became a gay. Maybe, that's the turning point, why I keep on talking about gay.

the second thing that made me become such a weirdo girl who keep mentioning GAY is maybe because of wee and teng. Still remember? People who try to snatch my Donghae. Yes, that two straight guy. YEAAAH, maybe that's the reason I keep on mentioning Gay, Gay AND Gay. Oh my, please, I'm begging you, two fake gays, stop pretending. LOL LOL LOL.

and I am pretty sure, Personal Taste also included. Why I keep on mentioning Gay? Because of Personal Taste. Yes, Personal Taste, especially when Sang Jun hyung and Jinho parts. Lol, so funny. And Sang Jun hyung really makes me laugh. HAHA. wait, I should call him OPPA but I used hyung here because in that drama, Jinho called him as Hyung. so, because I don't wanna confuse myself, I decided to use Hyung. yes. I'm still watching this drama, but I don't know why, i can't feel Minho's charm. But Yeh Jin's cuteness really makes me jealous. I mean, GAE IN's characters. :)) ♥

conclusion, I should stop mention GAY, even tweet this word; GAY ,all the time. I'm speechless when I saw my tweets, full of this word ----- GAY.


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