Thursday, July 22, 2010

kamsa kamsa

I'm listening to Kim Bum Soo's song, MEMORY. A very sad song. T.T MV dia best :) Hyun Bin feat Lee Da Hae. So sad. T.T again, sad. I miss this song very much. WOOW.

just now, I met Hazye the Luzye, HAHA. sesuka je bagi nama. Well, we meet again :) after 1 month, ONE MONTH! haha :) actually, more than one month, yes, MORE. I miss her so much. I hope I can meet Shinyi but she's going back this Saturday. I thought I wanna meet her tomorrow but she didn't reply my message,FUHH. then, I wanna meet Shinryu, BUT she's going to attend KAKOM(sukan for Matrikulasi). so, she's not here, in Shah Alam. T.T and Hazyrah, I don't know when I can meet her as I read her status in FB that she have a lot of assignment. A LOT.

I am so happy because I can meet Hazye. About Kim Yana, HAHAHA, near maaa. We can always meet ma. KAHKAHKAH ;)) plenty of time dear. well, Shinyi, Hzyrah and Hazye studying at the same place, KEDAH. lol, Shinryu also at Kedah but different place. all my bffs leave me, Kim Yana too. But we still keep in touch. I really wanna my BFFs. Hopefully.

This holiday, I have to study. Make sure I can understand many things. Make sure I can answer all tutorial question, without referring :) HAHA, hopefully. Because I just realized,people will look down at me if I don't study well. So, wait people, here I come :)

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, totally love SUNHAE COUPLE :) ♥ ♥



hazye said...

hazye da lazy arh..
mlm ni ak cdg nk tgk come 2 play..

han eba said...

;P jealous I dengan Sunhae