Saturday, August 28, 2010

I miss you, my lovely Hae

Lately, I can see that you're different a little. Maybe, it's just me. Or actually, you already change. Yes, I can see, you're different now. You want to involve in a relationship, you want to be a muscle guy, showing your abs, and you know what, you look arrogant, and something like sexy guy when you have that haircut. And I miss my lovely Hae.

I hope, it just your appearance, not your heart, not your attitude. I hope you still my REAL Hae. My loving Hae. Because if you've changed, I can't do anything. Because it's your decision. I hope, you'll always be my REAL Hae forever :)

I can't accept this video ; ade yang nak kena campak ni!(merujuk kpd Hae)


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