Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm back. I'm back.

I miss you people, you miss me? No? Cis, how could you! Did you try read my new blog? Yes? Oh good. HAHA. don't wanna talk much, lately, I've been eating too much rice for berbuka. Before this, I didn't eat too much rice, I always ignore them, but in this holy month, I need them very much, and maybe I already take it too much. So, I think I become more fat and fat. and FAT. so, I told my mom;

me: I think, I become more fatter than before.
mama: so, don't eat too much.

then, suddenly my dad told me;

"become more fatter? no, you didn't. I can see that you're different now. not so chubby anymore. I think you've lost your weight."

I was like, NO, I KNOW MYSELF.

see, I'm a bad bad daughter. never want to listen to my dad. AHAHAH.

my result for UPS, totally bad, OH MY HAE!

see you soon;


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