Sunday, August 1, 2010


saya sangat kecewa. Why it's on 16th October? I have a super important exam on 18th onwards. WHY?

OMG, if I don't have to attend that exam, I can meet them, oh my gosh T.T I can work as volunteer, backstage too! It's very hard to get that kind of chance! Eat with them, and talk with them! This is so unfair. Why? Genting, too far,but we already plan it, go together. YES, SO SAD. I know, there is no Donghae there, but I wanna go. Seonsaengnim, please say I love them. Please. Told them Han kirim salam, can? HUKHUK.

Please take their autograph for me Hana ssi!



hazye said...

nk ikOt!!!!!!!!!

han eba said...

haha -.- ADA MUET

hazye said...

tp ak xde muet..

han eba said...

kau tade,aku ade

sakuranchOvy said...

kte pn ade
klau mcm 2 kte pn x blh pg laa ++

han eba said...