Sunday, August 15, 2010

so HOT!

I heard that Eunhae, both of them dance with a girl in SS3 just now. I heard, that girl touch their ABS
. OMG. oh my Hae, please don't stripped. That's not good. I know everyone like it, but for me, a cute gentle soft hearted guy like you, don't have to show it. OMG, nose bleeding don't you, ELFs?

oh, I think Kyuhyun is a cute and handsome guy, yes. And he's hot. If I have to choose between Hae and Kyu, maybe I'll choose Kyu. Why? I don't know. But I like both of them. OH, WHY WHY WHY. haha, but I know, it's just my imagination. who am I? AHHAHA. I shouldn't imagine about them as it is impossible. Right? See, so hot!



sakuranchOvy said...

hot hot hot
nsb baik taste kte xsme =DD
btween yesung kyuhyun n hyuk
i will choose hyuk 1st, yesung n 3rd kyu =DDD

oOohh noo !
how dare u touch him (hyuk) OMG !
nonononono ! ngeh3 =DD

han eba said...

LOL :))