Saturday, September 4, 2010

even it is hard, we're still with you

I am lost, with my tutorials. I don't know what should I do, but in this fasting month,I am so tired. NO energy to do anything. I'm trying to catch up everything, from Biology to Chemistry, and I'm afraid of final exam. Yes, I am. I hope I can get 4.00. It's actually hard, but I should try right? I don't wanna waste my parents' money by sending me to any college just to make sure I become a doctor. No, I'm not going to do that.

I have a lot of friends, but I still can't find the one who can understand me, hey han, no one can understand you. HAHA. so, I'm still alone. And lecturers keep on complaining about me. Some said that I'm not serious, some said I'm lost and some said it's hard for you to score if you do like this. And I'm totally sad. Those complaints,make me feels that I'm not good enough, so I concluded that, I'm a loser.

Oh, I miss twitter so much. I can't even access it here. LOL, blocked. Only facebook and blogger. That's all. Hehehe.

I heard about antifans and those stuffs. and it is totally insane. You really hate Super Junior? If you are, you don't have to tell. It's not going to harm you. They're not going to harm you. I heard that Kyu stop tweeting for a while. And I'm still lost about what happen to Donghae. Did antifans make him sad? Oh man! I don't know what to say but for me, I know everyone have their own right to say about what they like and dislike but that's not the right way. You bashed them, and made them sad and angry while they're still like, what did I do?

I hope, everythings gonna be okay.

And me, I'm trying to do my best. yes, I'm trying. But I always fail. What should I do? Oh man. I will try. Yes, I will. I am okay. I am okay. Yes, go study. Oh, I'm going back on 7/9. Yes, I know, kinda late. But, what can I do?

I'm blurr.




sakuranchOvy said...

last twitter hyuk 25aug
dh lme die x post~
iMISShimalot ++

han eba said...

LOL, dari saya, langsung tak dapat lihat tweet HAE.