Friday, September 24, 2010

introduce to you, my cousins

Oh, I am back :) So, decided to post about my cousins. Well, I'm the second eldest grandchildren for my grandparents. Both side, father and mother. but today, I wanna introduce you to my cousins, my mother's side. so, check this out :)

so tired, well he has 3 sons and 2 daughters!

They're my Pak Lang's children. Well, one of them is in form 2, which is the eldest one. the second one is in standard 3. and others, errr, still small. their names are, firdaus, fariz, fitri, fateha(in pic above) and farhana(still baby)
Firdaus, Fariz and Fitri. The first one is in Form 2.

'this one is very stubborn. yes, he is. and hot tempered! named Fariz.'

third one, his name is Fitri. Unique, love to imitate ultraman and Ben 10. HANDSOMEST!

Now, their turn! Okay, this is my pak andak's children :) one of them is in standard 4 (boy) and one is in standard 2, i think +_+. and the youngest one is 1 year old.

this is Aiman, the eldest. THINNEST

second one, myra. (with handsomest one)

last one,her name is afia.
Well, they're still kids :)

and, this is bonus. HAHAHA, this is fitri who acted handsomely!



sakuranchOvy said...

fitri-ku d comelnest (comelnest ?) *
hahahhahha =DD

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