Sunday, September 5, 2010

King, this is for you

If you read this, I hope you'll remember me. I am Han.

I know you from your forum. And when you told me that you're going to enter KMS, I was like; I'm going to meet this girl, the owner of Mykpop forum. It must be good to see someone who love K-pop too but of course I do feel awkward as I don't even know you. Haha.

because of fate, we're in the same practicum. and because of fate also, we knew the same girls who also love K-pop. and we keep on chatting about K-stuffs all day long when we have some time. We're too busy rite? Yeah rite! And we started to know each other.You're SHAWOL and also SONE while I'm ELF and PRIMADONNA.
Ying is tripleS and Lily is VIP and ELF. we keep on talking about Korean thingy, and now you're leaving.

I know, I am not a good friend to you, I am not so smart like you but sometimes you made me sad because you always make me feel that you're my competitor. You make me stressed. Oh man, but I still want to be friend with you even sometimes you hurt me without realizing it. But it's okay.

I can see Ying is sad, but what can I do? Well, she loves to talk with you. She really like you as her friend. And, when you're not here anymore, we keep on thinking, where are you? And today, we know the truth, that you're leaving us for Egypt.

I hope, you'll be a success person. Be a doctor, like what you said, you want to treat your disease. I hope you'll make it. Even we're not a close friend but I do feel sad as I lost my friend who loves Korean stuffs so much. And I'm sad because you leave me without a word, at least we should meet and have some party before you're leaving, but you go, just like that.

I hope we gonna meet again, one day. Even you're not Korean lover that time, it's okay. And what I want to say is, I will remember you and about the club, don't worry. If they give us permission to open it, I'll take over.

We miss you ;')


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