Sunday, September 26, 2010


oh hye peeps :)

Exam is just around the corner. And of course I'm not happy with it. MUET also is around the corner. Quite depressed! But, how I can still online? I don't know. I want 4.0 but it's hard for me. I have a negative thinking. Uh, it's hard for me to be a positive person. I don't know since when, it's totally hard.

PSPM is my FINAL exam for semester 1. I don't know what will happen, but I really hope I can do well. I'm trying, at least. I'm afraid if I'll make my parents dissapointed. I don't want them to be sad. Yes, I did last time in SPM and my UPS. see. I'm such a loser. Like what I've said, I'm a negative thinker. I don't know since when. It's totally hard for me. Struggle! Pay it HAN! I heard that many of my friends, did a backup plan. They applied for UiTM. if college kick them out, they still have some place to go. how about me? no, my parents said, you don't have to apply. oh man.

I still want to try! at least, I wanna get 3.5. I want to cry, yeah cry! I will try!

Yesterday, I went to my Paklang's house for open house. before we go, I took some picture with my aunt and lil bro.

Can I do better? I hope I can. Please people, pray for me ;)



sakuranchOvy said...

long time no see =DD

kte pn tkut gile klau kne rpeat smua sbject.
adoii~ ssh gile exm hr 2
kte ckp dgn mak kte, 'klau yyg xdpt score mcm mne bu ?' mak kte diam je, pstu die jwb 'ape awk ni fkir bkn2'
dushh ! kne stempek. tp, mmg trse sgt sgt sgt dan sgt SUSAH. ya Allah +.+

ebakun, kte slalu doakn korg smua (kwn2) lulus dgn cmrlang plus+++, insyaAllah~ so, do ur best 4 d fnl oke =DD

and 4 muet~ aishh
takut gileee !!!!

han eba said...


kau pun mesti boleh nye :)