Sunday, September 5, 2010

that's funny

oh hye, I'm here again. an nyeong haseyo chingu ya :)

ah, read about the anti SJ thingy just now. good to be there, I mean her blog. why? because I can see ELFs' love towards Super Junior. So, it's good to be there. She's totally insane, totally insane. OMG. ELFs, I love the way you bashed her. HAHA. maybe we should open a blog, or maybe a group, antiTAERI. lol, mentioning that bad girl's name in lovely blog. oh man. Okay, I can insult her but I try not to.

ah, as you can see above there, HAHA. I am so so so so happy as my hubby is in our local newspaper. story about him. HAHAHA. Now let me tell you, kekasih yg dimaksudkan is actually me. LOL. ahhaha.kidding kidding. HAHAHA. I can't imagine if this guy, my hubby, have a girlfriend. I'm so excited to see who's the lucky girl. Respect her, really!

I don't know what I'm doing but I should study. LOL, my final is just around the corner. I don't even understand all terms. Terms? Biology la, what else. Kill myself.

Ah, it's good to see you my dear! nugu? Of course Donghae. HAHAA. Lol. Ah, come to han's cafe to read about my imaginations. HAHA. Don't be jealous. Be my followers.

Okay, gonna update more and more when I'm home. AHAHAHA.

letter to Donghae;

I know that you're alone, but please wait for me. I know, you love me but you have to wait. After I finish my studies,I'll be by yourside. So, be happy and cheer up. HAHA. and, don't worry, I won't leave you. I'll let you go if you have found a girl that can make you happy. until now my dear :)



Diana said...

hi...i already made blog anti taeri....
u can read it..and give comment also.
im totally
freak out with her insane behaviour...l love shinee..she makes many people hate shinee...this is because she use member of shinee as the profile pic..thanks...

han eba said...

oh thanks btw :)