Sunday, October 24, 2010


Actually, this thing happen about two or three weeks ago. but I still can't forget it. well, I cried just because of him and bet, he doesn't know. actually, I don't really care what he did before, but maybe because I am stressed, so I can't really control my emotion. it's been a long time, I've never scold someone directly. if I'm angry, I'll keep it in my heart and I wouldn't never show it.

that day, I almost raised my voice, but my friend told me, don't be angry. so, I managed to control my emotion. that time, I was started to scold him, without thinking, because he annoyed me, too much. that day, I cried a lot. what can I do? I've told my roommates everything. I'm angry with him is not because of what happen that day. it's because something that happen between us. I'm not so close to him, so actually, he can't treat me that way, like he knew me.

I don't know him well, so I don't really care at the first place. maybe he just wanted to play around. teasing people and all that. but, once is enough because if it is too much, it'll make me tired.

but, he never realized that he did something that hurt me, and he still can smile when I'm about to scold him. and that's really made me pissed off. I can forgive him if he say sorry because from what I've learnt, we have to sorry if we feel sorry and say thanks when we feel grateful.

that's all.

p/s: going home this 26 October.


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