Thursday, October 28, 2010

letter to best friend

you are someone to me, till the end. even if I die, I can't let you go, I really can't let you go.

dear best friend,

I am so grateful, that I know you. even we're not friend from the beginning, but I'm grateful to have you. I know, I'm not a good friend towards you, I'm trying, but I always failed. You are too good for me, until sometimes, I do envy you. Yes, I am.

Yes, I'm not a good friend. Sometimes, I did not consider your feelings at all, sometimes, I'm too much. Yes, I am. I know, you tried hard to understand me, but at last, you give up, because I'm too complicated. You shared your stories with me, even sometimes you cried, but I'm not that kind of person who easily tell what is in my heart. you know me right?

suddenly, I remembered our memories, do you remember? I still remember how we met, how we can be such a good friend, do you remember? Do you remember when the first time I cried in front of you? Do you remembered when the first time I scold you? I hope you did. I'm afraid, if one day, I'll forget all this, I'll lost my memories, so I wrote it here.

dear best friend,

actually, I'm not a good friend. I'm nothing compared to you. I'm not pretty, not so smart and I'm not talented at all. I'm so sorry. Someone who have nothing, haha, I don't know why you still want to be my friend. But, thank God, I still have you until now.

I know, both of us are totally busy with studying. You've chose your own path, so do I. Sometimes, when I opened my book, my mind keep on asking, what are you doing? are you fine? But, sometimes, I'm afraid to message you because sometimes I've no credit and sometimes I think, I might disturb you. So, what can I do is waiting for your call, or your message.

I really hope, when you have time, you can call me, especially, when you're at home. At least, call me and ask am I fine. But, I just realized, my best friend is busy, yes busy. at least, I hope you can text me, yes text. I know, I'm weird, but you should know me better. I'm so into feelings, you should know me. But, I know, my best friend have many things to think, so it's okay for me.

Dear best friend,

I really hope, if we have time, we can spent that time together. you know, it's hard for us to meet nowadays. I always meet my matriculation's friends, everyday. because I live with them, and now, it's holiday, can you accompany me, and play with me? can you leave all other people behind, and play with me, because I'm lonely enough in matriculation, I am. I don't even have close friend. I mean, someone that can you refer or outing together. I have one, but she's busy. Sometimes, we have to do our own work, and we live in different block, so we're not really close. I eat alone, I study alone, I walk to my class, alone. Yes, I'm not Han anymore. I'm turning to someone who have such a lonely life.But, I still can smile.

I know, I don't have any right to ask you not to think about other people but can you sometimes think about me for a while. You know, everyday, I keep on waiting your message. I keep on waiting for your call, until one time, I gave up, and cry alone. I know, I shouldn't talk about this, it's not only me who felt this thing, but you too, but please let me complain.You know right, it's not easy for me to tell you what's in my heart.Yes, I am your best friend, a friend who like to complain all the time, is it all the time? Huh.

Dear best friend,

I wrote this letter, to show that you're important in my life. I'm so grateful to have you. Even sometimes I keep on complaining, but you're still my best friend. I am sorry if this letter hurt you, I didn't mean it. I just want to tell you what's in my heart. I know, you want to say I am an emotional person, I think, sometimes I am. I'm human, of course I have feelings right?

I really hope, we're friend forever. Even if one day, I'm married, or maybe you, I hope we still keep in touch. Even if one day, we lost contact, I hope we'll find each other. Because I believe, finding a boyfriend is easy compare to finding a best friend. actually for someone like me, I should reverse those sentence, but when I think it back, no, I shouldn't.

Again, I wrote this letter because I want to. Because I'm afraid one day, I'll forget you or maybe I'll lost my memories. Not only that, I wrote this because, I'm so grateful because God sent you as gift to me. Thank You.

Chingoo ya, neomu kamsahae. Ajoo kamsahae. Saranghamnida. Chongmal saranghae. Uri neun, chingu ya, yongwonhi!



sakuranchOvy said...

thanks also 4 being my friends =]
yeahh, everlastingfriends =DD
uri e.L.f o-eO ~! =D

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