Thursday, October 14, 2010

oh Hae, happy birthday

First time, when I saw you, I know you're different.
but the reason why I chose you is because of your cute face.
but then, I realized, you're different, totally different.
and I started to like you because of your attitude.
you love to smile, but then you'll cry.
you love to make some jokes, but then you'll cry,
so some people called you, King of Tears,

I like the way you care about other people,
you make other people feel warm.
I know, sometimes you're lonely enough, but remember, I'm here.

I'm always your fan, no matter what happen.
It's okay even it is hurt when you said you like Sunye or even another girl,
as long as you're still Lee Donghae.

Donghae oppa, hope you'll have a good life :)

Happy Birthday




myfishy said...

aigoo~i'm so touching..haehae~


han eba said...

perasan ;P hahahaha

sakuranchOvy said...

hyukjaeku pn suke mnangis =D
ssh la kte brdue dpt suami suke nangis ^^"
gagaga =DD

han eba said...

hyuk tak mace dio