Sunday, November 7, 2010

the end

"pehal comel sangat?"
hey ya, end already.

today is the day, I'm going back to college. Oh man, I can't tweet anymore,except from phone. HAHA. Oh my God, how I am going to live? I'll miss everything. Well, I'm not the same person in second semester as I have a mission to complete. HAHA

wait and see dude, I'm going to show to you who I am. I am not the same person anymore. And I know, the new me might hurt some people, but I do this because I hate the feeling when some people said that I don't have confidence, I am not a good student, and everything. Just like that guy, I mean the one who thinks he's good. He's just like Baek Seung Jo. I'm going to show to you. Hiyaaaaaaaaaak!

oh, by the way, meet Namhae, thanks ayah :)

and this one,OH MY, well I did it in practical class :)

Since its end today, friends, thanks for the wonderful holidays. Thanks. And bloggers too :)

wish me luck, love forever and ever. gyaaaaaaah ♥



sakuranchOvy said...

whhoOoaa, dpt ipod =D
nak jugak~! ngeh3

han eba said...

cheesin. haaaa