Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kiss, please!

at last, selesai jugak drama ni. OMG, it takes me about one week to finish it. waste my time but actually I enjoyed it. well, playful kiss or known as mischievous kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jeong So Min is a good drama. adapted from a manga, if I'm not mistaken, drama ni memang dah ada dua version which is Japanese version, Taiwanese version and now, Korean version. Well, I heard that the Taiwanese one is the best one, but I don't know because I didn't watch it yet. hmmm.

Low rating, that's the problem for this drama. well, maybe Korean are not crazy about this drama like other people do. I think, I know why. Maybe, because there's a lot of good drama air in other channel, so they've choose to watch other drama. but the most problem for this drama, in my view lah kan, Baek Seung Jo is too COLD. and annoyed me. annoyed viewers too, I think. Maybe, they shouldn't make his character to cold. but, at the of the drama, I think, the COLD-ness was reduced. HAHA.

Jeong So Min is a good actress, quite good even she didn't have too many experiences. But, her voice is like Yoon Eun Hye's (YEH) voice or it's just me? I don't know but she does look like YEH a little. hehe. and Hyun Joong, the charismatic super handsome guy, yeah, can't deny it but sorry, Donghae is more cute than you. whatever it is, you're my friend's favorite. I can't do anything. Actually, I agree that he looks like an anime character. yes, but he is a human. wow. but you're too COLD COLD COLD, SUPER COLD in this drama. I can't even read you. Haish, totally hard -.-

I only can give this drama 4 star. so sorry. maybe because it's line story is just the same. the girl keep on following him all the way, and that BSJ, always COLD COLD COLD. with only a little expression, aigoo -.- sorry to all PK's fan but this drama is quite okay :) hehe. I still enjoyed it. who am I to rate right? But, as someone who always watch Korean drama, I want to rate it :P HAHAHA.

maybe you should reduce your COLDNESS BAEK SEUNG JO. reduce it. a person who can accept your coldness is Oh Ha Ni, haha.
Dok Go Min Ah is my favourite. She's cute. (with glasses)

Kyung Soo sunbae is totally funny :)

I love Baek Sung Jo's OMMA!

ahhh, at last, finish it :) yeah ^^


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