Thursday, November 4, 2010

the outings

since it's holiday, well , it's a must to have at least once! HAHA.

so, last Friday, I went to SACC Mall with Kim Yana. Quite happy. Well, we shopped a little, I bought a bag, for next semester. well, it's not too expensive, so I bought it :) Then, I bought a cake, Chocolate Indulgence for my ayah's birthday. I enjoyed it, how about you Kim Yana ssi? HEHE.

Then, last Tuesday, we went to Times Square. HEHE. It's really an awesome day :) There's Kim Yana ssi, Hazirah, Shin Yi ssi, and Shinyi's friends which are Mira and Tutu. so, we played at Cosmo theme park. Shinyi paid for me and it is considered as birthday present. thanks to you :) I'm afraid at first because of the roller coaster thing, but then I enjoyed it. hehehe.

well, I went to MyStar also, a shop which sells K-pop stuffs. actually, I want to complain, it's price is too high. The stuffs quite expensive. Some of them, I think not even from Korea. So, I just bought things that I want only. Aigoo. But seriously, expensive compare to it's price before. well, now that shop is quite popular, so that's why it's price also increase. -.-

Well I don't have a lot of picture as we used Hazirah's camera to snap some picture. So, I only have these :)

shinyi :)

hazyrah :)
tutu :)
mira :)
kim yana :)

heechul's, eunhyuk's and donghae's

And today, I went out again with my friends . Today without Kim Yana ssi as I'm afraid to ask her out anymore. Keep on bothering her, I'm afraid her father will scold me. HEHE. so, today, I met Azzahra, Nadira, Maryam, Hazye and Shinryu. Shinyi and Hazirah also joined us :) I'm quite happy as all my best friends which is Shinyi, shinryyu, hazyrah and hazye are there except Kim Yana ssi. Well, we talked about our college and our courses. quite fun :) I am happy today. Tired also. HEHE. thanks hazyrah for the ride :) will miss all of you, well, all my bffs study in Kedah except Kim Yana ssi, so it's quite good to see them. missing them too much :)

hazyrah,shinyi and shinryu

me, hazyrah and shinryu
nadira,azah,hazyrah,shinryu and shinyi

azah,maryam, me and hazyrah

hyuk's, min's and hae's

urineun SEA yaeyo

me and hazye

me and azah

me and nad

team A
team B

thanks to all. thanks for everything. see you next time. :)