Saturday, December 25, 2010


I'm home. Hooo yeah.

well, as I expected, I'm doing nothing. I don't even touch my book. Hahaha. I did but just a while. Then, I sleep. Well, I'm here just because I want to fill the UPU form. That's all. Quite depressing. which one I'm going to choose. Gyaaaah. Tension! So I watch this video, Beautiful by I mentioned on my last post. I'm on my way to like them. But don't worry, I'm still SUPER ELF. Super Junior is forever. I'm Onlyhae.

so, merry Christmas to Donghae. HAHAHA. wtfish! Yes, merry Christmas to all Korean stars who celebrate it! And, I would like to see Donghae become a Santa. HAHAHA. Must be so cute. Last night I watched his video, as Wook Gi in Kwencha Appa Ttal. He's too cute. His brother is too tall and as you all know, Donghae is quite short. HAHA. But I still love him. I love the way he cried. So cute. HAHAHA. I feel like he's a little boy who cried just because I bullied him. Sooooo cute but I can't watch this drama as I'm busy with the upcoming test, UPS. after UPS I will have a semester break. 10 days only~ and then, have to study for PSPM. ah ha, I'm dead!

So here, I clipped my post with Donghae's cute face :p

this bunny is so cute. I named him Donghae. because I think he looks like Donghae. SERIOUSLY. don't you think so?

haila~ I think Donghae is cute. YES, CUTE.


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