Sunday, December 5, 2010


oh hey everybody, its me HAN.

OKAY,since I already got my result, emm, what should I say?I only got 2.88. Aiyoh, sounds bad right? Yeah, a little. well, at least I passed it. But I know, by having this result, it means that, I can't choose medic as my course for degree. is it true? yeah, if I'm not mistaken, they need 4.00 so you can choose medic as your course in IPTA. hmm, I don't even have chance to choose. Hehe.maybe, go private? yeah right.

so, I don't know what will happen in this semester but I hope everything will be okay *gonna be okay, gonna be okay*, 2PM* everything happen for a reason, Nichkun said. HAHAHA. okay, since I'm blogging now, I just want to say congratulation to my roommates as one of them got 4.00 and the other one got 3.88. and for the account one, go go. fighting! :)

hmm, since I got this kind of result, everyone asked me if I'm sad? Well, I don't know because I didn't feel sad or happy, hmm. weird right.

okay, have to do something, till meet again :)



pikakitty said...

hwaiting Han!!!it's okay ^^

2.88 tu kira bagus dari kita :[

han eba said...

kenapa, teruk ke?