Saturday, December 18, 2010

I love them oh!


what happen to Malaysia? Oh my! Feel like I'm living in refrigerator. So cold man! Aiyah, I should say, like I'm living in Korea. Never mind, considered it as a practice, maybe one day, I'm going to Korea and marry Hae. Stay there, maybe. HAHAHA. okaaay, joke. but *coughLAMEcough*. hukhuk.

well, its weekend, wake up early just to online. see, how bad and lazy I am? HAHAHA. Well, this blog must be update every week. I should apply for UPU, but I''m going to do it later as I have to go home first to take all documents. yeap, I'm going home this 24th. Gyaaah. And, I did ask my mom to change my glasses. She said OKAY and YEAY! hahaha. lately, my parents kinda weird. everything I need or want, they'll say okay. WEIRD. Oh, last Sunday, I did mention that my parents wanna come right, and they did. And surprisingly, my dad came again on ]Thursday and gave me money. He bought a new car, and since I did finish my class that day, so I asked him to give me a ride around my college. hehehe.

lately, I feel sad. well, something happen, and it's hurt. but it's okay now as Shinyi wanted to listen to my problem. Thanks budak! gyahahaha. Quite busy these days. Quite tired too. Ah, is this how semester 2 going to be? OMG. Yesterday, went to town. My ATM card have some problem, so went to town with anis and azah :) having fun.

I love mama & ayah. thanks for everything. I love my family, thanks for your support. I love my superBFFs, thanks for your truly friendship towards me.

SM Ballad jjang.



nurul norman said...

andalah budak. gahahahha

Dreamer Girl said...

a'ah kan~ malaysia sejuk skang..
pkai kipas je pon dh sejuk kot..
tgk2 esk snow..

han eba said...

nurul: kau ah budak. GYAAAAH

dreamer: tu ah pasal. Haila, memang kalau salji, tak tahu nak kate ape