Saturday, January 22, 2011

hang - out

"doing math just now"

yesterday, me and kim yana ssi, went to Plaza Alam Sentral, SACC and also PKNS. She wanted to buy a shoe. And also MP3. while, I'm looking for a novel, teenager's novel. I got the novel. HAHAHA. As always, I chose Aizam Aiman's book. hehehe :) and McD for lunch. HAHA.

and today, we went to McD section 3, McD again? Yup, I just want to complete my tutorials as I can't study in my room lately. I'm sleepy all time, maybe because of my bed. Haish. And also, because of internet. YES, INTERNET. So, again, me and kimyana ssi went to McD. I didn't manage to complete it, but at least, I did it.

so, I'm going back to college tomorrow. No more stay up all night, no more FB and blogger. Only twitter. No more youtube. HAHAHA. yes, now it's time for me to concentrate on my study as I have to do my best for PSPM. if not 4.0 at least 3 something. above 3.2, hehe.

han ssi, fighting!



nurul norman said...

yana show off~!!

gdluck ^.^

han eba said...

kamsahae. mana dia show off? HAHAHA