Friday, February 4, 2011

sunway pyramid

congrats to you ramiza, you're in my post.yeah

I went to Sunway Pyramid, last Wednesday with my friends, Ramiza and Aqqilah. It's tiring but I like it. You know, hang out with my college friends, is something new to me. Well, scene it's festival season, so I can see this word 'sale" everywhere. Yes, everywhere.

"first-time sushi-ing"

we went to Sushi King for lunch. I never had chance to eat there. So, it's my first time. I don't really like their soup, green tea and also the tofu thing, but I like the sushi. Next time, I better eat sushi rather than order the set thing.

I don't have a lot of picture as we used Aqqilah's camera to snap here and there, so that's it. Actually, we planned for karaoke, but because of the price, oh man, we cancelled it. sad but at least, we had a great time.


this is ramiza. 'A' in eating and 'A++' in studying

thanks to Aqqilah for the ice cream.
see, how happy I am. crazy. what a great day.

hope Ramiza and Aqqilah, had a great time too :)

thanks babes


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