Saturday, February 5, 2011

yeah baby yeah baby

an nyeong and hello hello.

third post for today. yeah, I am so proud, third post in a day. oh yeah, this is not good. you should stay away from computer Han. concentrate on your studies. done with my resume. yeah, awesome. we have to do a resume for kemahiran dinamika. like whaaat? sheessh.


since I'm "busy" with my resume, so I've changed my twitter background. LOL, I am so busy. that's why I still have time to changed it and even upload Kyuhyun Over Flowers picture. Daebak Han ssi, daebak.

oh btw, last thursday, I went to McD with Kim Yana ssi and also athirah ssi, plus her kakcik :) well, at first, I invite other people too, I mean my BFFs, but three of them, couldn't make it. yeah, I am so frust because I've planned to take their pic together using my Seohae. Haila, but they can't make it. SAD.

Wanna see our frustrated face? HAHA. check this out.

frust tahap alien

frust tahap gaban
macam keep your head down pulak

only Kakcik felt happy. Haila. HAHA

and this is what happen when orang dah frust. LOL

and this thing, hehe. I used polaroid. as memory.

sementara itu,budak ni pulak, baru update twitter dia beberapa jam yang lalu;

gonna love you always baby :)


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