Sunday, March 20, 2011

himnae himnae

yesterday was awesome. seriously. I wanna go back to yesterday. LOL

Going back to matrik after this. study for final. everything need to be settle. after that, I can live freely for 4-5 months. and then, going to be busy again, hailaaa. I'm waiting for SS4, if I can go, I'll try to go. I'm waiting for the fifth jib too, super junior, hwaiting.

i just love them, so much. i don't care they're gay or whatever, they're awesome to me. but I got something to tell, every time I watched Suju or think about them, I keep on thinking that they're just similar to Oska in Secret Garden. Not only Super Junior, but other Hallyu stars too. if it's true,OMG! innocent snobbish cutie
Hae, are you like that? T.T

whatever it is, I'm not going to marry's totally impossible. and, I'm just their fan, a fangirl who loves to shout their name and was amazed by their handsome face ;P

oh Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry,let's join my friend tree. you're going to be my bestfriends. LOL.


sempat lagi tukar wallpaper desktop

p/s: I just love this VTR below


actually, Donghae is not busy at VIP seat. wrong info. but it's actually at media, royal box and also L19.

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