Friday, March 18, 2011

the way you are.

after I read this one blog, I wanted to express it.

some people always think they are always right.

some of them, always think they already take care of other people's feelings,
but the truth is, they failed to do so.
they thought that they always care about other people,
always do the right thing,
never make other people's heart hurt.

is it hard to say sorry when you know that you're not on the right side,
is it hard to accept other people's apology?
is it hard to say thanks when you feel thankful,grateful?
if it is, then try to think about it back
because that's ego.

some people,
they never know the truth, they think everyone like them, love them,
but the real is, the other side of people are struggling to treat that person goodly.
it is happening, everywhere.
they said,
'why must struggling to treat that person goodly when you hate or don't really like that person?'
the answer is
in order to prevent some other problems such as fighting and stuffs, you know better right?

I'm not perfect,no one perfect,
but some people always behave like they're totally perfect.
that's the point.
you don't have to show off in front of other people, don't have to say what you do is always right,
don't have to say what you're good in this and that
or don't have to create a good impression of you in front of other people
because the good impression that you would like to show off,
is actually FAKE.

please look around you, please look around you.
what you're trying to do, always make other people hurt.

think about it back.

I'm not perfect, that's why some people look down on me,
but even I'm not perfect, at least I still can considered other people's heart.
yeah sometimes I hurt them, yes I am.
but I always try to make it back to normal.
until my heart can't stand anymore, that time, I just can keep silent and move on.
I'll use all the time given to me, to think wisely
and when I'm ready, I'm the one who'll cheer my life back.

Life is hard, but happy. There's nothing easy in this awesome life, believe me.

After I read this one blog, I just want to say this thing.
If you're angry with this post, I'm sorry.
I don't have any intention, I just want to let it out.
It's actually nothing to do with you or others, it is just some complains.

SS3, today. done with my banners. this afternoon, got family gathering at De Palma hotel. after that, I'm leaving for SS3. wish me to have a good day :) YEAY


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