Monday, April 25, 2011

berita harian, patutkah awasi penulis artikel itu?

takut kalau dia dapat notis berhenti 24 jam, gara gara k-pop.

firstly, I really don't know what should I say. Some of them memang betul, like habiskan duit. semuanya sebab minat but at least we don't use our money, or parents money to buy something like drugs . we don't.

memang betul, k-pop fans fanatik, but come on, we still know the limit! we don't play with those stupid things like "commit suicide". hailaaa.

we used our money, and not yours. I disagree with that article. Totally. we support Asians music. I'm not into Hollywood. I don't like Lady G because I think she's too.. SEXY and over. In my opinion, she have no talent. sorry. I am not so into Hollywood stars. Sorry.

Stick with Korean pop forever. I don't really watch Hollywood movie. It's just me.


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