Friday, April 22, 2011

I met Hyun Joong!

It's totally awesome. He smiled. I am so lucky.

I think, everybody are lucky enough to see him everyday especially who worked at Sunway Pyramid. HAHAHAHA. It's totally impossible to meet him, Han ssi. HAHAHA. yeah, I saw Lee Min Ho too but he's busy with cat, i think it's cat. kekekeke.

I went to Sunway yesterday. I bought a pair of shoe. I don't have any proper shoe since before this I studied in matriculation and have to wear the formal shoe, so, I asked my aunt to buy one for me :) kamsahae :) looks cool right, HAHAAH.

and then we went to Jusco, I tried to find a cardigan, but failed. Then, we went to Plaza Alam Sentral for karaoke. HAHAHA. we sing together . crazy enough. hehehe. happy happy.

okay, today I don't have anything to do.I've watched the first episode of Cinderella's Sister. hmm. I like the fat boy. cute cute. the accent. why I like a guy with an accent. Like Hae. HAHAHAHA.

love is sweet is playing. hope you enjoy it. it's SJ-M song ^^

okay, bye ;P


Siwon look alike


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