Thursday, April 21, 2011

secret garden dan gumiho

this is my review.

I think, Secret Garden is such a very unique drama, I bet you will agree with me. Before I continue with my review, I think some of you know that before this, I called Hyun Bin as my boyfriend, but now he's no longer my boyfie. So, continue. I like Ha Ji Won so much. As you all know, all people will call Ha Ji Won as a very beautiful woman. Because, she's natural. Her face. So, I considered this drama as a sweet drama. Totally. Just a little funny part.most of the scenes are sweet and romantic. yeah, ROMANTIC.

In order to let Ra Im live, Joo Won sacrifice his body. In order to let Joo Won live, Ra Im's father died. I hate Oska, but then I learn to love him. He's such a good guy before he broke up with Seul, and become a good guy BACK after Seul appear.

Overall, you should watch this drama. I love Hyun Bin My favourite actor ^^

Next is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

I think this drama, is a cute drama. jinjja! huh. neomu neomu neomu neomu choahae :) even though at first I hate Dae Woong, totally HATE even he's handsome, but then when he changed, I love him. Neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu choaa :) Park Dong Ju, the doctor, was so sexy and handsome. Almost fall in love with him, but failed. HAHAHAHA. you have to watch this drama. HAVE TO! at first, it's quite creepy, but then, okaay :)

Noh Min Woo as Park Dong Joo

I like Mi Ho so much. cute cute. shin min ah is so beautiful, just like her name, min ah. some of this drama, have the similarity with the secret garden, when it's about soul , mermaid, mystery and some action. yeah, but their story line is different.

so, hope you enjoy it. if you already watch it, why don't you suggest me some good drama. eventhough the hero is not popular, let me watch it. ^^

neomu neomu neomu choa :)



Ramiza said...

i finally learned how to dl korean dramas :) so i started with secret garden.. so awesome! actually, the first one that i started to dl was flower boy ramyun shop.. not bad la.. but i definitely missed watching my gf is a gumiho! it's so funny!

han eba said...

wow, at last, ramiza please give me some korean drama that you have ;P hahah. MGIAG is so funny, I know that ;P awwww