Thursday, May 12, 2011

crazy first love

kalau anda follower saya sejak blog saranghae lagi, anda pasti tahu, my first love is Hyun Bin

let's talk about first love. so, how was your first love? Is it crazy, tragic, happy or what? mind to share?

everybody has their own first love. Similarly to Tae Il. Yes, I'm talking about the Crazy First Love movie. It's a good movie. Even some of the scenes are inappropriate, but this movie change my view about love.

If before this, for me, I Love You means all I want is you, the one you should love and live with is me and so do I. We should live together, happily till the end. But in this movie, I love you means I care about you and I need to protect you, I won't touch you until I marry you. This is it.

Cha Tae Hyun and Son Ye Jin as the main characters, they managed to make me enjoyed this movie, a lot. This is about Tae Il's (Taae Hyun) first love which is Il Mae (Ye Jin). They grow up together and that's how Tae Il fall in love with her until he decided to marry her at his young age. But of course, the girl's dad don't agree to marry her daughter at her young age. A very heart warming story, I love the plot. This movie almost make me cry. hoissh.

A must watch movie.

And today, my life, as usual. nothing much. I just hope some miracle happens, and bring me to a very lovely day :) I'm watching Oh My School. So funny, maybe, this is the miracle.


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