Monday, May 2, 2011

deng deng deng

congrats to kakak :) I called her kakak too, since she's shinyi's sister. LOL. married already with abang fadh. kekekek. now, only kak chik left. haha. and shin yi. LOL.

Donghae oppa, let's married for real. let everyone know that I'm yours. kekeke.

and, Bii, ERR, this guy is a singer. Korean-Taiwanese. His mom is a Korean and his dad is a Taiawanese. I knew him after watching 8tv E-News. hehe. And just now, I saw him on 8tvnitelive. Quite cute. He can speak in mandarin and also Korean. And he did the aegyo part which for me is cute. kekekekeke. I hope 8tv will bring SUJU also as their guest :) hehe.

here he is :)

and thanks to lulumichin for the Nothing's Over song. Addicted to it babe -.- aiyohh

I'll post the nikah photos next time. after hazirah upload it. and yeah, having fun today. I met shin yi, shin ryu, haziqah and hazirah. haha :)


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