Monday, May 9, 2011

He was Cool and Marrying a High School Girl

comel ^^ HMMMMMMM ♥

let me review about this movies.

He was Cool.

Best. Movie ni, best. HAHA. Lol, I like Song Seung Hoon. Handsome tak boleh bla. Patutlah ramai idol idol perempuan suka. Hesh, Kang Dong Won dalam The Taoist Wizard pun digilai. Aduhai. By the way, heroin dalam filem ni dah passed away lama dah. Bunuh diri. So, Jung Da Bin, please rest in peace.

Movie ni best best best. Story pasal the girl, yang sebenarnya the only girl yang cium hero masa masih kecil. Sebabnya, tak ada orang nak kiss budak lelaki tu sebab ayahnya ada Aids. A quite touching movie, so must watch :)

Marrying a High School Girl.

Quite dissapointed with this movie. HAHAHA. Well, Eun Ji Won from 2 Day 1 night as the hero. This movie is an old movie. It's not really old, around 2004? Erkh, I don't know. This story is about a girl name Pyeongang who need to marry to someone named Ondal in order to save herself from death. Yeah, at first, it's quite fun, but then, it's like, HAHAHA. So, if you wanna watch it, you can. HAHAHA. Try to. :)

The girl is cute ^^

Kaki sakit T.T haha


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