Thursday, May 19, 2011

I think I wanna marry you ♥

hachooooo. *flu*

Oh hey, today is another day. Hehe. And yeah, what should I do today? *early birds*

sleep all day or go find something to do? Go for a walk or watch a movie? Hehehe. I'm okay, I'm okay, don't worry. No tears now,I'm okay with it.

don't get me wrong people, don't get me wrong. I am not rich. Don't say that. You never know me. so please, stop. For your information, my parents, both of them, are government servants, so please don't misunderstood me. I don't care what you wanna think about me, at least, I've told you that I'm not rich. I'm from an ordinary family. okay :)

I'm not well today. I am not. and I am not. Lol, oh listening to Shampoo now by After School *lepas sekolah* I need some medicine but I can't find it. Maybe finish already.

Oh, here let me say something. Since I've got the result already, means that, I've finished my matriculation life. to my classmates, thanks a lot. hope success always be with you. and to these two people, Su and Ying, thanks for everything, even though we are not friendly with each other anymore, I hope we can forgive each other since it's end already. and if you already forgive each other, thank God. hope you'll have a good life till the end. don't change and be the same. don't hurt people like what we have done before and please consider other people's feeling too. *talking to me too* hope, one day, if we meet again, we can at least say hi. to my roommates, congrats. both of you jjang. 4flatters :) Azie, please go for Medic! Please! and study week people, I miss all of you ^^

waiting for swift. HAHAHA

study week was tough.thanks for your help.

oh, I really need some medicine. And , today, I should go to the 2AM's PC right? okay, that was history. You've rejected it. So, shut up and sleep. HAHA. I miss my roommates. LAME.

some memories with roommates.

Oh, flu.



anis winchester said...

OMG! Hansemnye Jonghyun!!!! Suke lagu tu jugak.

han eba said...

thanks :) dia memang hensem. jeles kot -.- hoiksss