Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Taoist Wizard, Jeon Woo Chi

awesome. an awesome movie, you have to watch.

I like Woo Chi so much. He's cute. I mean, Woo Chi not the Kang Dong Won. He looks cute as Woo Chi who wear that kind of outfit, I mean the traditional one. So cute. He's funny, weird and annoying but he's hot and jjang :)

And the three old men, were funny too. I like the dog, also known as a horse. His name is Chorangyi. He's funny too. Always with Woo Chi. This movie is a must watch movie. I've been waiting like one year or maybe more, just to wait for this movie. And finally, I 've watched it :) so happy ^^

the best part of this story is when woo chi is back in 2010, I mean, he's from another world, 500 years back. So, culture shock. I love all his parts especially scene when he fought with the Hwaldam. keke. I love his magic. keke.


Forgot about Hae for a while..

and now, what is this??

aisssh, don't what to say. maybe siwon and eeteuk?


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