Thursday, June 23, 2011

dream high, inspires me.

yes, you have to. you have to.

I learned a lot from this drama. I learned about friendship, family, and also, about dream.

there's no foolish dream in this world.

yeah, I believe this sentence and I'm not giving up. I'll try my best, no matter how. I wanna be like Pilsuk, she do something impossible just because of Jason. I wanna do that. I wanna do that for my dad, mom, family and donghae. *why is he included?*

I learned something from Sam Dong. Passion is everything.

I learned something from Baek Hee, just believe in yourself and appreciate your friends.

I learned something from Jason, always positive and do the right thing.

I learn something from Hye Mi, don't simply look down on other people and also must always believe in yourself, everything is not end yet, it's just the beginning.

I learn something from Jinguk, just stand up whenever you fall.

Dream high, dream high. No matter how, you must have a dream and also a strength. you must have passion and believe in your dream.

My dream is to be a good doctor. I don't care, right now, my dream is I wanna be a good doctor. You think I can't do it? I'll make sure, I can.

Thanks Dream High, you taught me, a lot.

People, you have to watch this drama. If you're someone like me, someone who people always look down, someone who don't have enough confidence, you must watch this drama. believe in yourself. be strong.

Pil Suk ah, you're jjang. 200 days only.



nurul norman said...

betul, dream high best . byk pngajaran =]

han eba said...


Anonymous said...

thank you :3 this describes what i felt exactly after i finished it thanksthanksthanks~

han eba said...

welcome :) thanks for coming