Sunday, June 19, 2011

the moment

thanks people. i love you. bff forever. the cakes and the present, neomu kamsahae :0

I will always love you.
We'll never be apart, only Allah knows.
Thanks for everything, from the start, till now.

this is what we called FRIEND

Introduce to you, this is my Jonghun. Kamsahae Shin Yi ssi :) Hope you like my present too.

Shin Yi and Shin Ryu, stay together okaay :) Shin Ryu, I'm sure UM will take you and Shin Yi ssi, go for band 4 okaay. I believe you can do it. HEHE. and next time, wear a better shoe. please. HAHA




nurul norman said...

korg, sahabat dunia akhirat =DD sayang korang ♥ ^+^

han eba said...

same jugeee

kimyana said...

aku tertinggal.ahaha>.<

han eba said...

kau kan busy mengajar/jual goreng pisang ;P