Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a sales girl imaginations.

they're so cute. i want them. i want them. kehehehe, not THE ABOVE PICTURE!

I'm not working anymore. yeay. since the promotion ended already, so yeah. hmm. everyday, for 10 days, I met a lot of people, KIDS especially. they're so cute. so cute. i want all of them, I WANT THEM.

I even have some ridiculous imaginations. LOL. like this;

1.Donghae wear a yellow shirt, with a white pants, with his MBC's sports hair, bringing his child who look exactly like him and choose some shirt for his son.

2. Donghae and me, wearing a same shirt. A FAMILY shirt! Our son and daughter also wearing the same shirt. We walk together and buy some new clothes for our children.

3. Donghae and me, ask each other opinion about colour of shirt that we should buy for our children. I choose blue for my son, and he choose pink for his daughter but I don't agree, instead of pink, I want her to wear yellow colour. Donghae feels weird. He say 'girl should wear pink' and I ask him back 'how about sungmin?'

4. We just walk around, but we don't have any kids.

5. Donghae play with his son. He buy a lot of clothes for his child. he choose most of it and I am nothing there, he's too excited.

6. I ask donghae, where's your children, he said, he have to leave them in order to date with me.

7. Donghae go play with other people children and leave me alone -.-

8. other customer love him and keep on talking to him. they said his child is cute, all single ladies come to him and play with his child, they want the kid's dad actually!

I have a lot of imaginations. I can't even type it. LOL. OH, I still have time to imagine this kind of thing? YES, because I'm a sales girl and what I have to do is stay at my place and serve the customer. If there's no customer, I have to stand there, and you know it's tiring. In order to stop feel the pain, I mean, I have to stand for 10 hours, yeah 10 hours, so of course my leg can't stand the pain. that's why, I have time to imagine this kind of thing. at least, I don't really feel the pain.

donghae is useful, the imaginations too.




nurul norman said...

wahhaa =DD kte pn slalu imagine mcm ni. kkekekekek ^.^

han eba said...

HEHEHE, best en