Thursday, June 9, 2011

Skip Beat trailer,oh getting OLD

I'm getting old today, let me sing birthday song for me :)

happy birthday to me (X4)

Korea version? ah, only Donghae and Jonghoon can sing it for me. Okay, my biases also can sing it. LOL.

I just hope, I can have a good life, everything going smoothly, everything gonna be okay.
I just hope I don't have to make my parents worry about me all the time.
I just hope, I don't give up easily and move on.
I just hope, he know I'm exist , I mean Hae :) LOL

I just hope to live peacefully and be a better person. my teen life, gonna end soon. enjoy la ape lagi!

thanks everyone for your wish and Hae, eventhough you couldn't make it to celebrate with me, I understand your job . I love you too ♥ :)

first present for me ^^

aww, you're still cute even you're a bad boy. DUSH. cannot cannot cannot deny it!


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