Monday, July 25, 2011

true story

this is my story, real story. HAHA

I don't know how , but I start to like you more and more. but it's not love, it's not. crush maybe ;D It's hard to see your face, but I always try to. Until one day, I managed to see you, sitting near to me. That time, I was like, "oh, I think it's him" We don't even have any relation, even friend, but yeah, it's true, I always see you. I always stalk you. But for me, it's just a common thing. I don't know whether you know about me or not, ever think about me or not *this is insane, because you don't know me* HAHA.

Sometimes I come to you, and talk rubbish. I don't think you know me, HAHA. who cares? i just want to talk to you. my friend is your friend, she always talk about your cute acts. I can't believe it. I used to listen to her story about you, but now, NO MORE. Everyday is a lovely day for me, even sometimes I feel sad. At least I can see you. But now, I don't know anything about you, and cannot see you. *at least I have your picture, HAHA* lol, I just want to show your picture to my parents, that's all. I got it from my friend, she used to keep her classmates picture for some work
* why my parents know him? I love talk about random people, and he's included. for fun.HAHA.

My existence is zero to you but your existence i's 10% to me. I always want to do the best, like how you did but I always failed. I always want to see you study in lecture hall, see you smiling and laughing, because it's hard for me to see you, since we're not in the same class. I want to say
'hi' and introduce myself to you, but I don't have the courage. When the classes ended, I always see you, walking to the cafe and sometimes your dorm, ALONE. What I only see is your back, but I still feel happy. You are weird to me, you're not like other guy. You're different. Your face looks like you just wake up from sleep and you're late for your class. The way you dress is different, not stylish, so messy. White socks, black shoe. I can see your socks even you wear a long pants, you know what I mean right? HAHA.

sometimes, you wear your glasses, but only during the lecture.see, I know many things about you, and you? of course you don't know anything about me, but it's okay *OH MAN*. My other friend told me, you have a girlfriend. I was like 'wow' but it's okay for me . I'm okay with it.

I still remember, the moment when we played tanglung together, okay, it's not like, we play together, hehe. That time, without any hesitation, I said something quite bad to you and you burst into laugh. You did something to me, remember? . I was like, whaat -.- haha. I don't think you remember that girl was me, but it's okay. at least I have something to remember about you ;) I would never be someone to you, but you're someone to me. *han, so sweet* HAHA. I think, my friends know that I always stalk you, and yeah, they said they don't want you since, something happen to your handsome face, got pimples. for me, you're still handsome *actually you're cute* HAHA. I stalk you not because of your face, but the way you behave. You're weird, like me. Weird people cannot live with weird people, right? HAHA

I was so happy, when I received my name, written by you in Chinese character, *even though you don't know who am I, you just write it for your friend* but I'm still happy. I was so happy back then, when I shouted your name, and you smiled. That was awesome ;D Got one time, I saw you play basketball, then suddenly my heart say an nyeong. I don't know why. maybe because I know, we'll never meet each other again. Like what I said, I'm not existed in your life. Okay, maybe a little after your roommate tell you about me, HAHA. But I really feel bad, when I know the reality.

Unexpected thing happened when I got a chance to talk with you through phone, I was so shocked that time. I really can't believe it. Your voice made me happy, and when you introduce yourself with your nickname, I still can't believe it. HAHA. *happy laa* Thanks to your roommate :) he's kind even though not so kind. LOL. Then, I sang a birthday song for your roommate in Korean, without knowing,you and others were listening. And I heard you said something in Chinese after I finished the song. HAHA, so bad , you people ~~

On the last day, I failed to see you. Failed to take even a single photo with you. Haaaa, so sad. That time, I did try my best, to find you. But I failed T.T oh maan. HAHA. I feel quite dissapointed. I've tried to find you, but really, I just failed. maybe you just want to run away from me, maybe?? HAHA. or you're so excited to go back to your hometown? hehe. but it's okay, because at last I managed to see you from far, for the last time. I saw you helping your friends. You wore a black t-shirt and helped them happily. that was the last time, I saw you.

I feel sad because I can't see you anymore. even though your roommate suggested you on my FB, and he suggested me on your FB, but I know, you didn't add me because you don't know me, or maybe don't want to know me, while, I, I can't add you, because I don't have that courage.
For me, you're just someone that I stalk, not more than that. Maybe it can be MORE but I know the limit. You're too good, for me, so I would never like/love someone that are too good for me. They deserve better :) I heard that you have made up your mind on what course that you want to take, so good luck.

It's impossible for you to read this, but maybe miracle can happen, and suddenly you saw this. HAHAHA.

Now,I just want to say, I will do my best. I wanna meet you again. I really want to. I hope, if we meet again one day, I can introduce myself properly to you so we can be friend. I know, it's not easy to see you. I know. I will wait for that day.

just wait Han, wait! 5 years later ;D because I just want to see you. if that time I'm still speechless, you people who read this, should encourage me!
*sounds weird, who cares -,- I just want to meet him. HAHA.*

handsome boy in my heart, I'll meet you again one day. I know you don't really care about me, because I am nothing, but I will always wait for that day, I will.

I just want to post this, just want to. ♥


go Han!



p/s : sorry, I'm not good in english. ohhhh, sung min aaah ;D


kimyana said...

awwwww!!!=D.Han ada pembakar semngat!hhaha.mcm tahu je laki tuh.hehehe.anyway,aja2 fighting!i know u can do ur best!be a good doctor Han!hehehe.i hope i can be a doctor tp tak kesampaian.hehe.i'm proud of u jadi 'bakal' doktor.:)

han eba said...

kau kenal dia ke? tak en ;P hahahaha. thanks, ala kau la tanak ambik, kalau kau ambik,kan okay je. aku tak start lagi, jangan nak panggil bakal ke atau doktor. hehe

Ramiza said...

yay! eba admits that she likes you know who! well.. more of usha actually.. see! i leave comment :)

han eba said...

yeay ;D hahahha. thanks ;D

pikakitty said...

hihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Han /coughs coughs/ ahem ahem is this that guy kuikuikuikui sorry takdapat reply kat Twitter,internet mcm harem T___T oh hoh!kini ku tahu~

han eba said...

yeah ;D you saw him aitee ;P that guy la

nurul norman said...

i saw him too *tetibe. hahahaha =p
after 5years, if u meets him, i'll force u to talk to him, introduce urself =) if he don't remember, tells him about the tanglung. gegegee =p
*macam kenal je~ muehehehehehh

bile kte nk jumpe prince charming ni *wondering~* =]

han eba said...

when you saw him? I just show you, his photo right. LOL. after 5 years, you already busy with your husband, got time for me, but a little ;D hahaha. I'm sure, he don't remember me that time ;D